Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from The Star Online

New 'Princess Diaries' book out next year will focus on royal ...

The Star Online-May 8, 2014
Royal Wedding will be the 11th Princess Diaries book, and its 2015 publication date coincides with the 15th anniversary of the series as a whole, wrote Meg on ...
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Lizzy Wilson, The American Heiress Who Brought Harry to ...

Daily Beast-May 2, 2014
If Memphis had a royal family, steeped in vast wealth, privilege and power, then ... In December she was invited to the wedding of Jake Warren (one of Princess ...
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Prince George being 'spoiled rotten' by Middleton grandparents

Irish Independent-Mar. 10, 2014
Prince George is being “spoilt rotten” by Carole and Michael Middleton, according to reports. The couple are currently looking after the future King while his ...
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Duchess of Cornwall urges Duchess of Cambridge to chop off ... 17, 2014
royal source is said to have told the Daily Star that Kate's step-mother-in-law is keen for her to change her look. "Camilla has tried to help and advised her to ...

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