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Pearl Ring | The Best of Pearl Jewelry: Grace Kelly, Diana, Maria Von Trapp: Royal wedding...

Pearl Ring | The Best of Pearl Jewelry: Grace Kelly, Diana, Maria Von Trapp: Royal wedding...: Grace Kelly, Diana, Maria Von Trapp: Royal  wedding dress  ... Washington Post (blog) - Apr. 29, 2011 There's no denying the sim...

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Pearl Necklace said...

But even more
will be striking examples of the influence of this secret belief that we
remains to lead. Sir R. Murchison not only facing another
longingly layers in a relatively close region, as the Scottish
lowlands; but in the Rhenish provinces, certain "quartz pletaci and
Sandstone, similar to logminsize", lead him, apparently, to the fact
the conclusion that they are modern of the above species due to their similarities
with the last one. "Quartz roofing tiles with a greenish tinge,
reminding us of the lower layers of slate and Cumberland Westmorland",
obviously, the latter are assumed to be modern. He further notices that
Russia on top of the Carboniferous limestones along the Western margin of the Ural
the ridge lies the Sandstone and sandy stone, occupies the same place in
the General procedure that millstone Sandstone (millstone grit) is in England.
Calling this group "representative of the millstone Sandstone", sir R. Murchison
clearly shows that he thinks likeness of mineral composition of some
kind of proof of the simultaneity of origin even in a big
distance. Moreover, he finds this kind of similarity on the slopes of the Andean
mountains in the United States and then takes them for an indication of supplies
formations to the well-known period. And he does this not because that was
theoretically, the relation between lithological properties and the degree
the antiquity of the formation. No; on the very page from which we have just
resulted in an extract (Siluria, p. 387), he says: "meanwhile, as the soft bottom
the Silurian clays and Sands of St. Petersburg meet in the depths of the Ural
range of solid slate and quartz with gold veins, soft red and green
Devonian marl is replaced by the Valdai mountains on the Western slope of the ridge
hard, twisted and broken layers of limestone". But these and other
these facts allowed them, apparently, have no in his eyes great
values. He recognizes that the Potsdam Sandstone of North America,
English linguisti of lemagny and alum-slates of Scandinavia belong to
the same period; it is known that between the Silurian
formations of Wallis Dating oolitic strata, like layers of secondary
period, but nevertheless, in all his reasoning more or less
lurks the assumption that formations, similar in composition,
belong to the same era. It is not clear whether it is seen from this that for a long time
rejected the hypothesis of Werner continues still to influence geological
But we will object, perhaps, that "although individual layers not
represent the continuity at large distance, we notice that
continuity in systems of reservoirs. Although for a few miles and one
the same layer gradually moves from clay to sand or thinning and quite
disappears, but the group of strata to which it belongs, is not subject
such changes and stores in the most remote from each other places
the same ratio for other groups".