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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Why this wedding dress was classic Angelina JolieT...: Why this  wedding dress  was classic Angelina Jolie The Guardian (blog) - Sep. 2, 2014 Very cute – a classic  wedding dress  defaced...


Pearl Necklace said...

And at the end of the Chapter regarding the features of this animal Darwin
says: "continued use of all these parts, and inheritance
of modifications occurring to a great extent have determined the coordination
mentioned parts." Note that, in all probability, is mostly
way to raised the massiveness of the lower part of the neck; increased size and
the strength of the chest was caused by the need to support increased
heaviness, increase in the fortress of the front legs was caused by the need
to support the increased weight of the neck and chest. But now I
I see that further analysis is the confidence that described
changes must be much more numerous and more separated,
than it seemed before, and that most of these changes have
to be attributed not to the selection of favorable variations, and exceptionally
the inherited effect of functional modifications. Who has ever seen
galloping giraffe, that long will remember this picture because it's so
funny. The reason for the strange movements of the giraffes is clear. Although the front and rear legs
giraffes are very different from each other in length, but when running animal
they move together and do the same steps. As a result of this, when
each step angle, which describes the back leg around its center,
much greater than the angle described by the front leg. Therefore, in order to
to equalize the steps, the back of the body strongly podymaetsja down and forward. Here
it looks like the rear half of the body takes almost all the work.
Observation shows that the bones and muscles that comprise the back of the body
the giraffe, perform actions different from the actions of homologous
bones and muscles of the animal, with an ordinary ratio, and
also excellent and from the actions of those animals that systematic
the stairs are preceded by a giraffe.

Pearl Necklace said...

Now I turn to self-defense against the false interpretations, which are very
probably will be focused on the above arguments, particularly from the
those who read the very article to which I object. Of the theses exposed
Mr. Martino in his article, it follows that all who defend the hypothesis
the opposite of his own, imagining that solved the mystery of things, if
found natural the cause of the evolution of Mr. Martino, apparently, and
is their opponents that they are interpreting all the properties of matter and
motion, reject any further explanations. But this is incorrect. Teaching
evolution in a purely scientific form, does not contain materialism, although it
opponents strongly represent the matter in such form And in
the thing is, some of my friends among the followers of this doctrine say about
the materialism of Buchner and his school with no less contempt than Martino.
To show how non-materialistic my own views, to be
maybe it would be appropriate to quote a few excerpts from what I wrote earlier
on this issue.
"Although the two difficulties, it seems much easier to translate so
the substance on the so-called spirit than to translate so-called spirit
the so-called substance, the latter is completely impossible
however, no translation is unable to lead us beyond our