Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Pearl Necklace said...

"For by art is created the great Leviathan called the State,
in Latin Civitas, which is but artificial man, but
greater growth and greater strength than a natural person, for the defense and
escort which it is intended; the Supreme power in it
artificial soul, as the beginning of the reporting life and movement throughout the body;
judges and other judicial and Executive officials the essence of artificial
joints; rewards and punishments that are attached to the Supreme power
members and articulation and are encouraged to perform their duties, the essence of the nerves,
correcting the same position in the natural body; the property and wealth of all
the other members are the strength; salus populi, the good of the people, is tantamount to
purpose in man; the advisors, which provides people in the mind all
he needs to know - the essence of memory; justice and the law the essence of artificial intelligence
and will; harmony health; sedition, disease; war is death."
And Hobbes brings this comparison to the fact that places in his book
a clear picture of the Leviathan - huge figures in human form,
the body and members which are made up of many people. Notice that these
various similarities held by Plato and Hobbes, destroy one another
(representing complete disagreement among themselves), you can still
to say that, in General, parallel Hobbes rather.