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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Wedding Dress Reflects Her Sim...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Wedding Dress Reflects Her Sim...: Jamie-Lynn Sigler's  Wedding Dress  Reflects Her Simplistic ... Bustle - Jan. 19, 2016 If there is one occasion that calls for p...

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Pearl Necklace said...

I think, however, that Mr. Mac McLennan gives only very uncertain
the answer to one of the essential questions - how did this cult
animals and plants? In fact, in his final article, he clearly
leaves this problem unresolved, he said, asking it especially to notice
that "it does not offer hypotheses, resolving the question of the origin of totemism, and
only hypothesis that explains in part the cult of animals and plants of the ancient
peoples" So that we can still ask why have savage tribes so
often turned into fetishes of animals, plants and other items? What prompted
this tribe to ascribe special properties sacred to one person, and
another tribe - another? If these questions will be answered, that every tribe
considers itself derived from the object of his worship, now
you will need to answer the following question: in which there was such
strange fantasy? If it met only in a few cases, we
could attribute them to some random whim or illusion. But once it
is, as it really is, in a variety of species, among
so many uncivilized tribes in various parts of the world and left a considerable
traces in the superstitions of extinct civilized Nations, we can no longer afford
any special or exceptional reasons. Moreover, the General reason
whatever it was, can be allowed only to the extent, as it is not
denies the primitive human mind, by its nature absolutely
such as ours. Studying the curious beliefs of savages, we are ready
to assume that they are not the same as ours. But this assumption
unacceptable. With the supply of information as a primitive man
with the imperfection of verbal symbols, which he uses in conversation and
thinking, conclusion, used to do them are most reasonable,
judging is relative. This shall be our postulate; and, based on this postulate,
we ask, in what way primitive tribes used to come so often if not
always, to the belief that they are descended from animals, plants or even from
inanimate objects? That's what I hope to give a satisfactory one here