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Pearl Necklace said...

These are, therefore, two types of comparison: one
analyzes units to establish relations of equality and
inequality, the other sets the simplest elements and
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to reduce to order; arithmetical values always
arranged in series: a plurality of units can be "place
according to such an order that the difficulty that was inherent in
the knowledge measurement, in the end, became dependent only on
considerations of order,"<$F Descartes. Regulae, XIV, p. 182.>.
Method and its "progressiveness" are just the following:
to reduce any dimension (any determination through equality and
inequality) to a series of dimensions that, on the basis of simple
identify the differences as degrees of complexity. Such being
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and differences -- differences which may be meaningful in
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the absolute nature that is attributed to the whole simple
it refers not to the existence of the things themselves, but to the way they
can know, so kakaka any thing can be
absolute in one respect and relative to other<$F
Ibid., VI, p. 103.>; the procedure can be both
necessary and natural (in relation to thought) and
arbitrary (in relation to things), as the same
thing in the way that its consideration may be placed in
one or another point of order.