Monday, November 11, 2019

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Pearl Necklace said...

We see that these three concepts -- mathesis, taxonomy,
Genesis -- mean not so much a separate field, but
a strong network of facilities, defining the universal
the configuration of knowledge in the classical age. Taxonomy not
opposed to mathesis, and raspolagaet it and distinguish from the
him, since she too is a science o order -
qualitative mathesis. However, matesis, understood in the strict
sense of the word, is the science o equations, so for
definitions and judgments; it is the science of truth. Taxonomy
deals with identities and differences, is the science o joints
and classes, this knowledge of creatures. The Genesis is placed inside
taxonomy, or at least finds it in their first
opportunity. However, the taxonomy establishes the table of visible
differences; Genesis presupposes a sequence series;
taxonomy deals with the signs in their spatial
simultaneity, as a syntax; the Genesis distributes the marks in
this analogue time as chronology. In relation to the mathesis
the taxonomy functions as ontology in relation to
apophatic; and in relation to the Genesis of the it function,
as semiology in relation to history. Therefore, it
determines the General law of beings, and at the same time, the conditions of their
knowledge. Hence the fact that the theory of signs
in the classical age, could combine together and
the dogmatic nature of science masquerading as knowledge
nature, philosophy and performance, over time
it becomes more and more nominalistic skeptical.