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Pearl Necklace said...

So, what is the total value of these truths in connection with the findings
in the last Chapter 5. It is that this universal trait
Metazoa and Metaphyta should be assigned the initial action and the reaction
between the organism and its environment. The work of the forces which caused
the initial differentiation of the outer parts from the inner to the primitive
microscopic portions of protoplasm, determined as universal
the cellular structure of all plant and animal embryos and subsequent
cell addition the happening of them adult forms. How inevitably
such a conclusion, it can be seen from the above explanation of the fact,
on the shore covered with pebbles shingle, the pebbles being in some cases
selected were in all cases strongly rounded and
polished. Suppose that the range of such boulders, as we often
observed, has become together with the adjacent objects in
conglomerate. In this case, as the main feature of this
conglomerate or, better put, what should we see as the main
the reason its distinctive features? Obviously, the action of the sea. Without surf
no pebbles; without the pebbles, no conglomerate. Similarly without action
environment which caused the differentiation of the outer parts from the inner to
microscopic portions of protoplasm represents the earliest and
the simplest forms of animals and plants could not exist and the
the main features of the organization, which finds all the higher animals and

Pearl Necklace said...

Considering the facts from this point of view, we begin to understand that, in addition to
those special effects of the co-operation of forces that lead to more
prolonged experience of one individual in comparison with others and to
the ensuing increase for a number of generations of some
the symptom that contribute to this experience, and many others
the consequences affect each individual and all together. Substances such as
inorganic and the organic world are subject to at any given moment
the influence of their environment, which continuously produces more
part of a subtle change, only over time these changes
can become noticeable. I argue that animate objects, like
inanimate, are under such permanent impacts and
constantly changing, arising from the changes are the most
an important part of the changes that occur during the organic
evolution. I don't want to say that the changes in this category are
completely unnoticed, because, as we shall see, Darwin notes some
secondary and special of them. But it's those effects that are not
taken into account, are actually those durable and versatile
effects brings all of the organisms known basic properties.
To address a similar phenomenon may best prepare the way
to assess these effects and their relationship to others, which
now stop our attention.
Observant person walking along the seashore, you will notice there
there where the sea has deferred the items are more or less homogeneous and separated
them from mixed. He can see a pebble that is separated from the gravel, large
the stones sorted from smaller, and in some places you will find piles of shells more or
less worn due to okutyvaya. Sometimes he will find that the pebbles or
the boulders located at one end of the Bay, much larger than those
lie on the other end. Between these extreme points are weak
differing among themselves on volume, stones of medium size. A similar example
found, as I recall, at the distance of some miles or
two to the West of Tenby; but the most remarkable and well-known example
gives Chaselskaya stranded (Chesil banc). Here along the coast for 16 miles long
there is a gradual change in the size of the stones; they being at one end
exceptionally clean pebbles, at the other end are huge