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Pearl Necklace said...

Therefore, assuming that the role of natural selection in the modification and
the formation of the primitive units were extremely active and that the experience
the fittest is widely served as an instrument for processes
enabling and managing connection of these units initially, small, and
then in a large visible organisms, we still need to attribute
the appearance of this the General properties of organisms directly exposed
environment for primitive life forms and recognize that the universal factor
natural selection only took advantage of this environment.
We now turn to another, more obvious, features of the highest
organisms that occurred from the most common causes. Consider how
way in the higher levels of the organization repeats this differentiation
the outer parts from the inner - how this initial hell
organisms that begin life again appears as the main
features in the microscopic connections of individuals that form
visible organisms.
We see the simplest and most obvious manifestation of this trait in
the developing egg of a primitive type. The original single
the fertilized cell, rastrogavshis by spontaneous cleavage in
a group of cells starts to detect the contrast between periphery and centre,
after the balloon formed, consisting of the outer layer and different from
the internal mass. Therefore, the first change is the emergence of
the difference between the outer portion having direct communication with the surrounding
environment, and internal, completely isolated from such communication; but this
complex differentiation in the embryos of higher animals is parallel
primeval differentiation, which was exposed to protozoa.
Leaving on time, subsequent changes in the complex germ, value
of which we understand little by little, we turn now to the adult forms of visible
of plants and animals. In them we find these basic features, who, after
the foregoing will further convince us of the importance of the action of the environment on the organism.

Pearl Necklace said...

Therefore, in this case, the surf and the tide made a selection and
each place left behind those stones that were too large for more
easy movement, but was postponed ahead of the other, a small,
easier roaming. But if we were to consider only this
the nature of selection, the action of the sea, we would have missed some important
moments that occur when such activities sea. When the stones
underwent so a different effect is because of him that some
was left in one place and others in another, they still
received two acting jointly, but not identical effects. Constantly
moving rocks and causing a friction of them against each other, the waves are so grind
the most outstanding parts that gave them a more or less rounded shape;
in addition, in turn, the mutual friction of the stones, polished them
surface. In other words, the impact of environmental conditions insofar
because they influenced monotonous, gave the stones are remarkable for the unity of forms, and
at the same time, due to the difference of their influence, they are separated one from the stones
other larger stones did not yield known strong influences
which smaller stones could not resist.
The same can be said about the other groups of subjects that are similar
themselves in General terms, but different in the secondary. When they
all are collectively known group influences, we can expect that
some of the latter, reaching a certain degree of intensity, will be
to call in some of the individual items of such groups changes, which they
not able to call in other subjects different from the first. Meanwhile
other exposure may cause all objects similar changes
due to the monotony of the relations between these effects and known
qualities common to all members of the group. This suggests that
living organisms that constitute a homogeneous group of subjects, and all the
continuously exposed to agents, their constituent inorganic
the environment must also undergo two of the same number of effects. Here
occurs, on the one hand, their universal similarities, originating from the
the sameness of their relationship to the substances and forces of the external environment, and on the other
side occurs in some cases, the difference between them, depending on
exposure to these substances and forces; in other cases changes occur
which, while preserving or destroying life, are a famous natural