Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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#OnThisDay in 1947 The Princess Elizabeth married ...

Royal Central-Nov. 20, 2016
On the morning of the royal wedding Prince Philip ordered tea and coffee to be delivered to the photographers waiting outside Kensington Palace (much the ...
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Kate Middleton's 9 Most Down-to-Earth Moments 12, 2016
When she did her own royal wedding makeup. ... for fear that wedding-day nerves will lead to Donald Trump levels of bronze, Kate went it alone (after reportedly ...
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Pippa Middleton's Iconic Bridesmaid Dress is Now on Sale (blog)-Jun. 1, 2016
Five years after the Royal wedding, Pippa Middleton's figure-hugging Alexander McQueen, the dress that made her rear-end famous, is finally on sale. The ivory ...
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Please Enjoy This Footage Of Prince William Getting Scolded ...

SELF-Jun. 17, 2016
The British Royal Family may be impeccably polished and painfully ... Also Like: Happy Anniversary William And Kate—A Look Back At Their Royal Wedding.

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