Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Meghan's Father to Fly to UK to Make Peace With Her 16, 2018
Markle came under fire just a few weeks before the royal wedding after he staged paparazzi photos that saw him getting measured for a suit for the big day and ...
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“Elton Jim” hilariously reviles TV coverage of major events like ...

WGN Radio-May 29, 2018
“Elton Jim” hilariously reviles TV coverage of major events like The Kentucky Derby, and the Royal Wedding, and recaps shows that got the network ax.

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What Is Prince Harry's Last Name and Will Meghan Markle ...

Newsweek-May 18, 2018
The royal family does have a surname but doesn't typically use it. Instead, they primarily go by their first names. In the case the last name is ever needed, they ...
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Happy 72nd Anniversary, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip ... 20, 2018
Here's Queen Elizabeth and her husband as they ride in the royal carriage on their way to Westminster Abbey for the wedding of their son Prince Andrew to ...


Pearl Necklace said...

This constant balance of sympathy and the corresponding
dislikes provides the identity of things, the fact that they can go
each other, come closer to each other without absorbing each other and not
forfeiting of its originality. This balance is due and
that things grow, develop, intermingle, disappear, die, but
endlessly reproduced, which, in short, there are: space
(not devoid, however, no landmark, no repetition, no refuge, similarity),
and time (giving the possibility of infinite reproduction of the same
forms, types, elements). "Although the four bodies (water, air, fire, earth) and
are simple and have distinctive qualities, however
The Creator has commanded that the complex elements composed of simple bodies;
that's why their compliance and discrepancies are noticeable, which
known by their qualities. Since the element of fire is hot and dry, it
antipathy is separated from the element of water, which is cold and wet.
Warm air is humid, cold earth-dry, it's antipathy. To bring
them in harmony, the air is placed between fire and water, -- between the earth
and air. As the air is warm, it coexists perfectly with
the fire and its humidity goes well with humidity water. Again, as it
humidity is moderate, softening the heat of the fire getting in his
assistance from it; on the other hand, its temperate heat in the air
heats wet water cold. Humidity water, warmed by the warmth of the air,
softens the cold dryness of the earth" *1). Sovereign power couple
"sympathy -- antipathy", prescribed by her movement and dispersion
generate all the forms of resemblance. So, once again and explains
the first three type of similarity. The entire volume of the world, all neighborhood pregnanet,
all the roll call competition, all the clutch analogy is supported
continue and double this space of sympathy and antipathy, which
constantly brings things and yet keeps out at a certain
the distance from each other. Through this game the world is in identity
with himself; similar things continue to be what they are, and
however, and similar to each other. The same remains the same and
closed on itself.

Pearl Necklace said...

Here comes in the notorious category of microcosm.
Perhaps it is due to the famous tradition of Neoplatonism is the old
the concept retains its viability during the middle ages and early
Renaissance. But in XVI century it is, ultimately, began to play
a fundamental role in knowledge. No matter whether it is old
expression view of the world or Weltanscyauung (worldview). Actually
in the epistemological configuration of this era, it performs one or
rather, two very specific functions. As K a t e g o R and
m s W l m e n I it applies to all areas of the nature of the game repeat
similarities; the study ensures that every thing will find with more
the wide coverage of its mirror and its macrocosmic confirmation; with
the other hand, it argues that the visible order of the highest spheres
reflected in the more sombre depths of the earth.