Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Marrying in a material world! Madonna's bridal dress from ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 10, 2014
Madonna's bridal dress from 1985 wedding to Sean Penn fetches $81,250 at ... Madonna's wedding dress from her nuptials to Sean Penn has been sold for ...
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Wedding dress Kijiji scam doesn't fool Calgary couple 22, 2014
Sara Hughes put her wedding dress up for sale on the site this past weekend ... the RCMP suggests considering using an escrow service and says shoppers (or ...
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Boston Bruins Dress Up as Frozen Cast for Children's Hospital ...

People Magazine-Oct. 29, 2014
Boston Bruins Dress Up as Frozen Cast for Children's Hospital Visit (VIDEO) ... Hamilton got a jump on a trend by squeezing into his turquoise dress early.
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Longtime dress shop owner, 90, retiring; store closing 21, 2014
Every cocktail dress and wedding gown, veil and tiara — everything is ... for final sale as Helen Cabrera prepares to close her N Armenia Avenue dress shop.

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