Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Kate Middleton's Favorite Dress Designer Just Got Married ...

POPSUGAR-Dec. 21, 2015
British fashion designer Jenny Packham creates gorgeous gowns — their ... gorgeous wedding dress, which she designed herself, and then shop similar styles.
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My Boyfriend Proposed in the Middle of My Fitness Class

Shape Magazine-Jul. 23, 2015
This bride-to-be never thought her night at the gym would become her first ... up to the wedding-I'm going to stick to my current schedule of fun fitness classes, ...
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Joey Feek Plays Dress-Up in Cute Matching Pigtail Hats with ...

People Magazine-Dec. 1, 2015
Though she's no longer able to get out of bed, Joey Feek is still having fun with her 21-month-old daughter Indiana. Feek, who is coping with terminal cancer, ...
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ASOS Bridesmaid Dresses Launch: The Best Fashion News ...

Marie 20, 2015
ASOS is about to launch the bridesmaid dress shopping solution that wedding ... shop will launch on 9th April, offering 30 gorgeous bridesmaid dress styles in ...

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