Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Marie

Kate Middleton prepares for her first public engagements ...

Marie 3, 2012
Kate Middleton faces six weeks apart from Prince William as he starts a stint with the RAF in the Falklands, but she has the prospect of her first solo public ...
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'When I saw Pippa in that dress, I knew I wanted what she had ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 9, 2012
After watching the Royal Wedding on TV, Jenny Fizgerald was determined to ... on the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding day to Prince William, she decided she ...
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Gypsy Wedding was Channel 4's most watched show in 2011

BBC News-Jan. 13, 2012
The Christmas special was seen by 7.24m viewers, while 5.32m people tuned in for a Royal wedding episode in April. Embarrassing Bodies was the fourth most ...
Story image for royal wedding from Marie

Pippa Middleton wows at yet another glamorous wedding

Marie 28, 2012
David and Katherine attended the royal wedding last year and were even seated in the Statesmen's Aisle in Westminster Abbey, which was reserved purely for ...

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