Thursday, November 28, 2019

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Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch Host a Lavish Wedding ... 5, 2016
Update, 3/5: It's a weekend of wedding festivities for the newly married couple! After officially tying the knot in a hush-hush civil ceremony yesterday, Jerry Hall ...
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Bride On A Budget: 5 Ways To Plan Your Wedding Without ...

Elite Daily (blog)-May 6, 2016
We all want our weddings to be special, but does that mean the wedding also ... debt simply to put on a lavish wedding can create a rocky start to any marriage.
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Salim Mehajer's sister throws $10000 princess birthday party ... 10, 2016
The Mehajer family is no stranger to lavish parties. Fatima and Jamal's wedding in 2013 certainly wasn't a low-key affair if the video is anything to go by .
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Settling an Indian divorce after the end of the Bollywood dream

Lexology-Feb. 19, 2016
A classic Bollywood film is typically a 'boy meets girl' romance with star-crossed lovers, angry parents, love triangles and lavish weddings. But, in a case of life ...

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