Monday, November 18, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Jennifer Behm Blog: Adventures in LA Wedding Dress ...

People Magazine-Jul. 20, 2012
WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! Okay, so I had not lost the 30 lbs. that I wanted to, but my friend Mike had a great suggestion: Spend all morning in horizontal ...
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Priscilla Chan bought wedding dress under fake name in ...

Daily Mail-May 23, 2012
Cate Malone, owner of the Little White Dress Bridal Shop, told local broadcaster 7NEWS: 'She was a very nice bride/customer. We had no idea she was ...
Mark's cheap nups included $25K wedding ring, Mexican food
Highly Cited-New York Post-May 24, 2012
Story image for wedding dress shopping from New York Times

Wear a Denim Bridal Gown? Not Yet, but ...

New York Times-Jan. 20, 2012
SHOPPING for a gown, one of the first to-do's on any bride's checklist, is about as unfettered and do-as-you-please as it has ever been. Unwritten rules that have ...
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What to Know Before You Shop for a Vintage Wedding Dress

Racked NY-Jun. 11, 2012
Shopping for your wedding gown can be tricky enough, but what about if you've decided to go vintage for the occasion? For advice, we spoke with Shareen ...

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