Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Her Roll Hotness: Party-loving Pippa Middleton designs her ...

Daily Mail-May 2, 2011
The world watched in awe as Pippa Middleton walked gracefully down the aisle on Friday in her stunning Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress. But as these ...
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Cate Edwards's Wedding Dress: See Photos

People Magazine-Oct. 26, 2011
As for that dress, a girlfriend of the bride said it was love at first sight for Cate. “That was the first dress she tried on,” the girlfriend tells PEOPLE, “which was fitting ...
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John Galliano to design Kate Moss' wedding dress

Telegraph.co.uk-Feb. 23, 2011
While the name of the designer of Kate Middleton's wedding dress is being kept a state secret, Kate Moss was only too happy to tell friends that her longtime ...
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The bride (and bridesmaids) wore white: First look at Kim ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 28, 2011
In the first picture which shows Kim's gown in its entirety, the 30-year-old reality TV star looks every inch the blushing bride as she stands next to her bridesmaids ...

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