Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Story image for lavish wedding from PEOPLE.com

From Dior Dresses to Private Jets: All About Heiress' $1M ...

PEOPLE.com-May 15, 2019
It was called “the dreamiest desert wedding you've ever seen.” ... RELATED: Heiress Scammed Celebrity Hairstylist Into 'Lavish Wedding' & Sham Marriage as ...
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Bride's lavish $237000 wedding causes outrage, but not for ...

NEWS.com.au-Jul. 10, 2019
While the cash spent is undoubtedly a huge amount, that's not actually why so many people are up in arms. Instead, the outrage stems from the bride's ...
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Bride cancels her wedding after pals donate £23k - but is ...

Mirror.co.uk-Nov. 5, 2019
After being given $30,000 in donations to fund her lavish wedding, a bride has decided to cancel the nuptials and keep the money to use for something else.
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Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Planning the 'Most Lavish ...

Closer Weekly-Mar. 22, 2019
Go big or go home, right? Jennifer Lopez is planning to throw the wedding of the century! Forget about Meghan Markle's lavish wedding to Prince Harry because ...

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