Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Story image for lavish wedding from Bangkok Post

Bogus billionaire's wedding party cost B300,000, not B3.5m ...

Bangkok Post-Oct. 3, 2019
BURI RAM: The organiser of a lavish wedding party says she was hired for 300,000 baht, not the 3.5 million baht quoted by the mother of the bride after the ...
Story image for lavish wedding from PEOPLE.com

From Dior Dresses to Private Jets: All About Heiress' $1M ...

PEOPLE.com-May 15, 2019
It was called “the dreamiest desert wedding you've ever seen.” ... RELATED: Heiress Scammed Celebrity Hairstylist Into 'Lavish Wedding' & Sham Marriage as ...
Story image for lavish wedding from Closer Weekly

Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Planning the 'Most Lavish ...

Closer Weekly-Mar. 22, 2019
Go big or go home, right? Jennifer Lopez is planning to throw the wedding of the century! Forget about Meghan Markle's lavish wedding to Prince Harry because ...
Story image for lavish wedding from Hollybaby

Heidi Klum's Lavish WeddingWeekend In Italy Kicks Off ...

Hollybaby-Aug. 2, 2019
Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are getting their wedding weekend started! They shared more than one kiss at a 'pre-wedding reception' by the Capri sea, which will ...

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