Monday, November 18, 2019

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Five wedding scams for brides to worry about 16, 2013
In 2012, the average bride shelled out $1,444 for her dress, veil and ... to cut that cost, shopping around for lower prices on that dream dress from an online-only ...
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From the Duchess of Cornwall's Anna Valentine gown to Lady ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 8, 2013
From the Duchess of Cornwall's Anna Valentine gown to Lady Mary Charteris' flesh-flashing Pam Hogg, vintage wedding dresses to go on display at the V&A.
Not all white: wedding dresses at the V&A 7, 2013
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No peeking! Denise Welch keeps her wedding dress under ...

Daily Mail-Jul. 13, 2013
The couple were spotted with two friends carrying the actress's wedding dress in a dress bag in Portugal on Friday, ahead of their nuptials the following day.

Why you should sell your wedding dress (blog)-Aug. 27, 2013
She also mentioned some amazing things about the psyche of wedding dress shopping; the associated guilt (spending too much/not spending enough etc) and I ...

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