Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Dutch Pre-Inauguration Gala Dinner 29.04.2013 - Royal Guests

YouTube-Apr. 30, 2013
My site: Queen Beatrix of Netherlands Hosts a Dinner 29.04.2013. The Queen, The Prince of Orange and Princess ...
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Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo: marking the ... 14, 2013
Monaco will take centre stage once again for the royal wedding of Andrea ... of the second generation of weddings in the principality's reigning Grimaldi family.
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Elizabeth Taylor's iconic wedding dress sells for £121875 27, 2013
The iconic wedding dress that Elizabeth Taylor wore when she married hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton Junior, the great-uncle of Paris and Nicky Hilton, in 1950 ...
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Prince George's 1st birthday, another baby/wedding and ... 29, 2013
Prince George's 1st birthday, another baby/wedding and Harry's 30th: What does ... A wedding for Beatrice would propel royal outcast Sarah, Duchess of York ...

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