Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Duke of Norfolk reconciles with wife after planning son's ... 21, 2016
Their relationship became so bitter that they were said to have turned down an invitation to the Royal wedding in 2011 in order to avoid being in the same room ...
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Outrage at lavish Indian wedding: Other Indian weddings that ...

straits times (press release)-Nov. 17, 2016
Gold-plated, multimedia wedding invitations, performances by Bollywood stars and a wedding backdrop designed by eight directors bumped the cost up to 5 ...
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Sweden's Princess brides: 5 royal wedding gowns to go on ...

HELLO! US-Jun. 24, 2016
From the aisle to a palace display! The Swedish Royal Court has announced that five Swedish royal wedding gowns will be featured in an exhibit at the Royal ...
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How accurate is Netflix's 'The Crown'?

Mashable-Nov. 12, 2016
In the preimere episode of The Crown we see King George VI being dressed in his royal garb before his daughter's wedding. As his valet struggles to adjust the ...

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