Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Luck be a ROYAL lady! Kate, Sophie Wessex and Princess ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 15, 2016
It was Kate's first ever visit to Royal Ascot, where racegoers have been putting on a ..... His daughter Grace was a flower girl at the royal wedding and his brother ...
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Duke of Wellington's daughter Lady Charlotte to wed in ... 24, 2016
The venue for the elite wedding was confirmed today by church priest Jose Luis ... A reception is due to take place after the wedding at the Duke of Wellington's ...
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Queen's wedding and coronation dresses to go on display

Royal Central-May 27, 2016
This summer the Queen's wedding dress and coronation dress will be ... by Sir Norman Hartnell, a favourite designer among the women in the Royal Family.
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The Royals Elizabeth Hurley 'rooting for royal wedding ...

International Business Times UK-Nov. 19, 2016
Elizabeth Hurley has given her own royal seal of approval for the rumoured wedding between Prince Harry and new girlfriend Meghan Markle. The 51-year-old ...

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