Friday, November 22, 2019

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to impose no-fly zone over ... 8, 2015
The helicopter pilot royal can now prevent low-flying aircraft from encroaching on sprawling Anmer Hall to stop invasive photographs being taken of the house ...
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Descendants' Costume Designer Dressed the Villains in ...

Us Magazine-Jul. 31, 2015
According to the couturier, it was a happily ever after—the wedding of the century, ... And naturally, where there's a royal gala, there's also a slew of stunning ...
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Florida couple celebrate their anniversary by taking a bite out ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 20, 2015
The longevity of the cake has served Britain's Royal Weddings well - as slices of the many famous weddings confections have appeared on the auction blocks ...
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Avicii's mum spills beans on royal wedding DJ set

The 8, 2015
Swedish superstar DJ Avicii is set to perform at the upcoming royal wedding in ... entertainment at his wedding to former reality television star Sofia Hellqvist.

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