Monday, November 18, 2019

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Details about Catching Fire's jaw-dropping wedding dress 7, 2013
As if you needed another reason to see Catching Fire, the costumes are to die for! We sat down with the movie's costume designer Trish Summerville to find out ...
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Steal Her Style: Naya Rivera's Chic Street Look

Latina-Dec. 30, 2013
We can't deny it: Naya Rivera has some killer style! The bride-to-be was recently spotted out wedding dress shopping wearing a very chic, capped sleeve dress ...
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Designer gowns for brides on tight budgets at Henry Roth's ...

The Daily Telegraph-Nov. 13, 2013
YOU can touch them, try them on, take pictures of them and there is no months-long wait time, meaning you can walk out of the shop with one in your hand.
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Where To Buy Unique Cocktail Dresses In NYC 4, 2013
Searching for the perfect dress can be time consuming, but these boutiques pride ... these shops offer unique finds that will make a statement anywhere you go.

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