Monday, November 18, 2019

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Katie Price offered a full refund by Sandals resort after ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 25, 2013
However, Katie's claims that she had wanted a private wedding after her ... her barely-there wedding dress appeared in the same newspaper over a period of ...
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4 Things Your Bridesmaids Are B*tching About Behind Your ...

Glamour (blog)-Mar. 7, 2013
As the bride, you're not going to love EVERY second of the wedding .... Then ask your two friends from overnight camp to come dress shopping with you.
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Pregnant Rachel Stevens hides growing bump in stylish black ...

Daily Mail-Oct. 11, 2013
The singer however kept her tummy under wraps, or rather under a black waterfall coat, at the VIP opening of The Iconic Wedding Dress Exhibition on Friday.
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Where's the red carpet? Helen Flanagan poses in front of ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 25, 2013
... poses in front of souvenir and cigarette shops in a clinging cutaway dress ... coat and pulled a few poses with souvenir and cigarette shops for a background.

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