Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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'Cello Bae' Sheku Kanneh-Mason Wins Worldwide Fans After ...

NPR-May 21, 2018
The British-born, 19-year-old prodigy Sheku Kanneh-Mason was a standout at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend. Kanneh-Mason ...
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Why Does Prince William Have a Gold Braid on His Uniform? 19, 2018
Both Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge are wearing frockcoat uniforms of the Blues and Royals at the royal wedding, according to the royal family's ...
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Royal wedding: The celebs who haven't denied being invited

BBC News-Feb. 28, 2018
Mel B isn't playing it cool when it comes to the royal wedding. Scary Spice has let it slip that the Spice Girls have been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan ...
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Beckhams donate royal wedding outfits to fund for Manchester ...

The Guardian-Jun. 8, 2018
David and Victoria Beckham have donated their royal wedding outfits to raise money for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack and their relatives.

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