Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Bringing Back The Brooch

Forbes-Aug. 5, 2019
Approximately four to five years ago the hashtag #bringbackthebrooch appeared on Instagram and many antique jewelry collectors and enthusiasts began to ...
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Los Angeles' Abell Auction Company Empowers Eco ...

Business Wire (press release)-Aug. 28, 2019
Shop green and go chic! Vintage luxury fashion, handbags, watches & jewelry head to auction. Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex & more iconic designers.
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Artist Drills into Antique Ceramics to Transform Them into ...

My Modern Met-Mar. 21, 2019
Hackenberg's work is a reframing of ordinary objects into the perspective of jewelry. “Coming from a goldsmithing background,” she says, “I think I got… kind of ...
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7 Bay Area antique and collectible shows this fall

San mateo county times-Sep. 3, 2019
7 on the grounds of the landmark Santa Clara home. In previous years, collectors have found jewelry, art, books, vintage hats, plus a hodgepodge of antiques.

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Pearl Necklace said...

the post-revolutionary period 220
Institute of the word. No matter how beautiful other celestial color
still, the gold of the midday sun -- of flower color and of the wonders of the miracle. All
other inks are in relation to it in a subordinate and as if
form around his "chin". Before it disappears, the blue of the night fades
the twinkling stars and the glow of the night's fire. The purple dawn-only
the harbinger of a solar sunrise. And finally, the play of sunlight
subject to all colors of the rainbow, because every color and light in the sky and
the sky source -- the sun. This is in our iconography, the hierarchy of colors
around the "sun neschadimova" (p.251).
And he continues: "This divine color in our iconography is
specific name "assist". Quite remarkable the way its image.
Assist never has a solid, massive gold; it is-as
would ethereal, airy gossamer thin Golden beams emanating from the deity and
by shining his illuminating everything around. When we see the icon of the assist
they always assume and as if the decree of the Deity as his
source" (p. 251). From P. Florensky there is also a separate
work on the symbolism of colors (Florensky P. A. the Heavenly signs //
Florensky, P. A. Iconostasis. Selected works on art. SPb., 1993).
E. Trubetskoy analyzes the transfer of the movement in Rublev's fresco in
The assumption Cathedral in Vladimir. Still folded arms, and fixed feet
torso. However, "their procession to heaven is expressed solely by their
eyes, which is not felt hysterical with delight, and has
deep internal burning, and a quiet confidence in achieving the goal; but
it is this-that the apparent physical immobility and passed
the extraordinary tension and power has been steadily occurring upliftment:
as fast or as slow than the body, the stronger and clearer it is perceived here the movement of the spirit,
because the world becomes corporeal its transparent shell. And that
the spiritual life is transmitted one mind perfectly still
look -- symbolically expressed the extraordinary power of the spirit over the body"
However, he notes the characteristic features of such stillness -- "in
our iconography she learned not human at all, and only
determined by its status; it is standing still, when he find comfort in the fact
superhuman. (...) On the contrary, people in a state of graceless