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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Princess Beatrice royal wedding: Will Princess Bea...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Princess Beatrice royal wedding: Will Princess Bea...: Princess Beatrice  royal wedding : Will Princess Beatrice be the ... - May 22, 2019 Seven months on, the couple have m...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Culture is constantly separated from Civilization, in the framework of
culture is a phenomenon unique in itself and not reducible to the other. "The miracle culture --
its own meaning, while the average "civilized" man
values in Culture only its value for Civilization, i.e. the total
level common skills, shared ideas and relevant
his system of universal symbols. Therefore, "civilized" man fuses
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Tolstoy and measures Trigorin-Chekhov Turgenev
(... he was a good writer, but he wrote worse Turgenev),

historical approach 153
just not realizing that in the world of Culture all phenomena are incommensurable"
(Bitsilli, P. M. the Tragedy of Russian culture // ibid. P.156).
Therefore, the gap between Russia and Europe in terms of Civilization -- is bad, why
you can't say about the level of Culture. "In terms of Culture, products of human
activities, so to speak, taken out of time: they have eternal value
or denied altogether. They are universal and the world. This was exactly how they began
in Russia-a sign that Russian culture was "pure" culture, no
impurities "civilization" (ibid. P.147).
Similar contrasted the culture and civilization Alexander
Unit, when writing about European history:
"great move, the former driver of the world culturecrashed
into many small movements that have become factors of the European
civilization. Civilization, increasingly losing the features of a culture, all
more took the forms of fragmentation, deprived of the spirit of wholeness,
musical cohesion, more and more kept, however, for their own humanistic
origin. Losing the right to a name, the civilization the stronger holding that
name as degenerate aristocrat clings to his title" (a-Block.
The collapse of humanism // the Block A. Coll. Op. T. 7. Article. Book first.
1906-1921. - Berlin, 1923. P.314).