Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from The Salem News

Beverly bride-to-be says 'Yes to the Dress'

The Salem News-Jun. 24, 2010
BEVERLY — When picking out a wedding dress on the TLC reality TV show "Say ... that she would be shopping with her three very opinionated sisters who were ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from CBS News

DIY Fashion Hits Land of Haute Couture

CBS News-Aug. 4, 2010
The atelier, called the Sweat Shop, is a kind of Internet cafe where Singer sewing ... "They come in here thinking they're going to make a wedding dress in a ...
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Lauren Conrad Tops the Bestseller List – Again!

People Magazine-Feb. 12, 2010
First came candy, and now it's lies – Sweet Little Lies, that is. Lauren Conrad's second book has topped the New York Times bestseller list. “It's so gratifying for ...
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Frugal Fashion: Kate Middleton, pretty as a princess

Los Angeles Times (blog)-Dec. 22, 2010
As princess-bride-to-be, the 28-year-old is already preparing for her royal duties by ... Middleton looked poised, elegant and every bit the modern-day princess in a black and white Alice Temperly dress, textured black ... Happy shopping.

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