Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Washington Post

An old piece of Will and Kate's wedding fruitcake sold for ...

Washington Post-Dec. 9, 2014
It was served to guests at the wedding of Prince William and the duchess ... and then three days assembling the admittedly beautiful royal wedding cake.
Story image for royal wedding from Daily Mail

Bride-to-be whose fiancĂ© died just days before their wedding ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 13, 2014
A bride-to-be whose husband died unexpectedly just 52 days before their wedding let go of her pain by jumping into the Riviera Maya in Mexico wearing her ...
Story image for royal wedding from

Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco and Oum Keltoum Boufares ... 14, 2014
... and his 27-year-old fiancĂ©e, whose name had previously been unknown, began their three-day wedding festivities with a henna ceremony at the royal palace.
Story image for royal wedding from Cosmopolitan

Pippa Middleton Discusses Dat Ass

Cosmopolitan-Feb. 26, 2014
Royal wedding stories are always fun, after all; I'm still waiting for the expose on whatever debauched bridal shower Camilla Parker-Bowles organized.

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