Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Otago Daily Times

All dolled up for Royal Wedding

Otago Daily Times-Aug. 18, 2011
Just when you'd got over your Royal Wedding fever, dolls featuring Prince William and Catherine Middleton in their wedding gear have been unveiled in London ...
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Royal wedding: procession rider thrown from horse 29, 2011
Miss Middleton, who is allergic to the animals, looked on alarmed as the horse catapulted its rider to the ground and had to be restrained by a mounted police ...
Story image for royal wedding from People Magazine

Franklin Mint Unveils Kate Royal Wedding Doll

People Magazine-May 5, 2011
She was a doll on her wedding day in that stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown. And now, Duchess Catherine literally is a doll – the Kate Middleton ...
Royal wedding: William and Kate's inner circle 8, 2011
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Royal wedding: No place for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown 23, 2011
The former Labour prime ministers will not join the 1,900-strong royal wedding congregation at Westminster Abbey despite it being a “semi-state” occasion that ...

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