Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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A mysterious dress, an epic cake & other tales from The ... 20, 2017
A Very Royal Wedding. The wedding, which took place at Westminster Abbey, was broadcast to 200 million radio listeners around the world. It was an ...
David sang at wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip ...
International-Derby Telegraph-Nov. 20, 2017
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Will The Obamas Be Invited To The Royal Wedding? Trump ...

Elite Daily-Dec. 26, 2017
The question of whether the Obamas will be invited to the royal wedding in spring is amounting to a big headache for UK officials, The Sun reports. They seem to ...
An Obama invite and a Donald Trump snub would be the ...
In-Depth-The Mercury News-Dec. 27, 2017
Visiting Windsor Before the Royal Wedding: A Guide
Blog-New York Times (blog)-Dec. 29, 2017
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Report: UK gov't looking to block Obama invite to royal wedding

Arutz Sheva-Dec. 26, 2017
Theresa May's Conservative government is reportedly pressuring Prince Harry to leave former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle off the guest list for ...
Prince Harry Is Getting Married. Time for Themed Mugs and ...
Blog-New York Times (blog)-Dec. 25, 2017

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