Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from New York Times

You've Found an Old Watch. Now What?

New York Times-Nov. 13, 2018
That's because when it's warm out, and his sleeves are rolled up, the vintage IWC ... of knowing how many watches are tucked away in drawers, safes or jewelry ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from Montreal Gazette

Second-hand affection: How to give the best gifts while saving ...

Montreal Gazette-Dec. 15, 2018
There are three headless mannequins in my house. There is a lemon-shaped honey pot, vintage costume jewelry and a closet full of child-size ball gowns.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Ukiah Daily Journal

Ukiah 'frock' star: Clothier's vintage collection a lifetime in the ...

Ukiah Daily Journal-Mar. 20, 2018
Along with her love of antique clothing, Morden began collecting antique jewelry, and by the 1980s she was a professional jewelry designer, creating original, ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from Vancouver Business Journal

Erik Runyan Jewelers celebrates 101 years in Vancouver

Vancouver Business Journal-Mar. 2, 2018
Erik Runyan Jewelers is one of those Clark County businesses that has been an anchor ... Custom design and vintage jewelry round out the other departments.

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