Saturday, November 16, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from New York Post

Would you rent your wedding dress?

New York Post-Jul. 29, 2014
The wedding-dress rental business is booming: Rent the Runway opened a Las Vegas shop dedicated to bridal-gown rentals in December, and One Night Affair ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Marie

Olivia Palermo's Wedding: It's All About That 'Dress'

Marie 30, 2014
Street-style aficionado Olivia Palermo married her long-term love Johannes Huebl this weekend, giving fashion fans plenty to talk about with her seriously cool ...

Jason Kennedy, Lauren Scruggs tie the knot

USA TODAY-Dec. 15, 2014
E! was there for all the steps leading to the altar, including dress shopping and dealing with the angst of the escalating wedding costs (agreeing to televise it ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from South Wales Argus

VIDEO: Bride goes shopping at Asda Cwmbran - in wedding ...

South Wales Argus-May 25, 2014
ASDA shoppers in Cwmbran had a surprise on Saturday when they spotted an elated bride in full white wedding dress picking up drinks for her own party.


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