Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Why is wedding dress shopping such a hideous experience? 1, 2015
Until I started planning my own, I have to confess I have been bemused by anyone getting “stressed” about a wedding. A friend once told me she went for a facial ...
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Why I Own Four Wedding Gowns

Racked National-Jun. 4, 2015
The second wasn't even a wedding dress, but a 1960s evening gown so ... But now, wedding gown shopping goes well beyond what's available locally.
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How to buy a cheap (yet fabulous) wedding dress

Christian Science Monitor-Feb. 20, 2015
Wedding dress shopping can be a stressful, expensive business, but the Internet offers a slew of options for brides who want to look great while sticking to their ...
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She's Ready! Sofia Vergara Already Looks Like a Bride ...

People Magazine-Nov. 21, 2015
The soon-to-be spouses are spending Saturday, the day before the wedding, by the pool at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida, along with family and friends.

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