Friday, November 15, 2019

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Why Grace Kelly's wedding dress still looks impeccable 60 ... 18, 2016
But the one thing that stands out in all of the photographs is Grace Kelly's wedding gown, which still looks just as magnificent today as it did 60 years ago. Grace ...
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Dressing Room West wedding dress store offers designer ...

Santa Fe New Mexican-Sep. 19, 2016
Christina Ferrara, who just last week opened her dress shop near the Plaza, is hoping to tap into a trend she says is sweeping the country — no frills, off-the-rack ...
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As a divorcee, what should I do with my old wedding dress? 8, 2016
When an elegant march up the aisle leads to divorce, a wedding dress bagged up in a wardrobe or boxed in the attic can become an all too painful reminder of ...
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6 Best Short Wedding Dresses for that Special Day

The Trend Spotter-Nov. 23, 2016
Not only is the short wedding dress a refreshing departure from the traditional ... When shopping for one, keep an eye out for anything that looks current, ...

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