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Wedding Planning Without My Mom: How One Bride Walked ... 15, 2016
Not all brides get to plan their big days with their moms by their sides. .... Not many grooms want to spend their weekend shopping for wedding gowns, but he ...
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5 Things You Never Knew About Working at a Bridal Shop 8, 2016
For example, customers tend to lean more emotional and opinionated when shopping for a wedding dress — including teary mothers and brides who know ...

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Russell Wilson And Ciara Go Shopping In London Day After ... (blog)-Jul. 8, 2016
Wilson went with an edgier ensemble for the post-wedding shopping trip, wearing ... Ciara's wedding dress had one very special dedication to Russell Wilson: ...
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I'm A Single Girl Who Loves Trying On Wedding Dresses

Elite Daily-Sep. 30, 2016
The first time I ever tried on a wedding dress, I was 22 years old and very, ... a bridesmaid and I had to go get a dress, I'd also go wedding dress shopping, too.

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