Saturday, November 16, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Irish Independent

Wedding dress shopping? George Clooney's fiancé Amal ...

Irish Independent-Sep. 5, 2014
When leaving the store she embraced a seamstress who had a pincushion in her hand, immediately triggering rumours that she will wear a gown by the brand's ...
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Kim Kardashian Visited 3 Major Designers While in Paris ...

Glamour-Apr. 15, 2014
People reports that she spent an hour in the store—talking about wedding dresses maybe? Taking a slew of selfies for Olivier's feed eats up some time too.
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I Bought My Wedding Dress in 40 Minutes

Fashionista-Apr. 29, 2014
I am getting married in November, and while the planning process as a whole intimidated me, shopping for a gown seemed particularly daunting. I envisioned ...
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How to Buy a Wedding Dress Without Wanting to Kill Yourself

Huffington Post Canada-Sep. 30, 2014
Unlike what movies, friends and TV's "Say Yes To The Dress" say, I never thought about my "dream" wedding when I was a girl. I didn't dream about my "perfect" ...

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