Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Uganda: At the Royal Wedding 17, 2012
Fort-Portal — The wedding today of Princess Ruth Komuntale and Christopher Thomas was colourful, with women adorned in colourful hairstyles of red, orange ...
At the Royal wedding
International-New Vision-Nov. 17, 2012
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William and Kate make surprise visit to pub on their wedding ... 3, 2012
The pair had booked into the historic hotel after attending the wedding of ... The rooms were arranged by the bride and groom, and the Royal couple did not get ...
Kate: My Bum is Better Than Pippa's
Daily Beast-May 4, 2012
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Prince William now the most popular royal as monarchy rides ...

Evening Standard-Nov. 19, 2012
Wills is the most popular royal in recent history, support for the monarchy is at a .... The Jubilee and royal wedding increased their popularity, but, for me, they are ...
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Kate Middleton's wedding dress up for Design of the Year Award

Marie 12, 2012
The Sarah Burton designed Alexander McQueen royal wedding gown is up for this year's top design prize. It was the fashion moment of 2011, maybe even the ...

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