Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Twinkle all the Way

savannahmagazine-Feb. 25, 2019
When I would go antiquing, I would always come home with piles of vintage jewelry. I started to fall in love with certain pieces. The next thing I knew I was buying ...
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Margot Robbie Wore Sharon Tate's Jewellery While Filming ...

elle.com-Jul. 16, 2019
Margot Robbie has revealed she was able to embody Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood by wearing some of the late actresses' jewellery during ...

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Erica Weiner Jewelry Closes Manhattan Store, Goes ...

JCK-Jun. 10, 2019
Make an appointment. If you want to try engagement rings on in person, come on over! Make an appointment. If your antique jewelry needs a replacement stone, ...
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Siegel Jewelers celebrates 130th anniversary with estate sale

Fox17-Apr. 29, 2019
“We started the estate sale a few decades ago and its really been amping up and now it is full on food and drinks and costumes and tons of estate jewelry ...

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