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The Sweet (and Long!) Romance of Queen Elizabeth II and ... (blog)-Sep. 8, 2015
Eventually, he asked the King for her hand in marriage during the summer of 1946. ... then, Prince Philip has become the longest-serving royal consort in history.
Three reasons why Chinese consumers love the Queen – and ...
International-The Conversation UK-Sep. 9, 2015
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This is what 100 years of Royal wedding dresses look like

The Independent-Jun. 15, 2015
Wedding dresses are a big deal by any standards, but when you happen to be a member of a Royal family what you wear on your wedding day will be front ...


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the borrowed quotations, fables, concerning equally of anatomy,
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Indeed, by addressing the "Historia serpentum et draconum" can
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Equivoque (i.e. different meanings of the word h m e I), synonyms, and etymology,
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The strange adventures of don Quixote marks the limit: they
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