Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Glamour

The Swedish Royal Wedding Is Next Month! Here Are All 3 ...

Glamour-May 18, 2015
To prep for the royal wedding, the bride and groom gathered with their families at Stockholm's Royal Chapel yesterday to participate in a ceremonial reading of ...
Another Royal Wedding Is Coming – and It Might Outshine ...
Highly Cited-People Magazine-May 17, 2015
Sofia Hellqvist's royal title revealed
Highly 18, 2015
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Behind the scenes at the royal wedding: Touching new photo ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 12, 2015
But at their wedding, in July 1981, the heartbreak was still to come and now a new, previously unseen photo, has revealed just how close the royal couple once ...
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Former Chauffeur to Queen Auctions Off Cake Slices from ...

artnet News-Jun. 1, 2015
Julien's Auctions, the Beverly Hills-based, self-proclaimed “auction House to the Stars,” has listed five slices of Royal Wedding cake from the estate of the former ...

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