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Story image for royal wedding from Daily Mail

The moment William and Kate dance down the aisle (but don't ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 16, 2011
... down the aisle (but don't worry, this is a mobile phoney Royal Wedding) ... The advert, called Wedding Dance, was filmed at St Bartholomew's Church in ...
10 things you might not know about royal weddings
Opinion-Chicago Tribune-Apr. 17, 2011
Westminster's Wedding March
Opinion-New York Times-Apr. 16, 2011
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Royal Wedding: Matthew Williamson has no designs on Kate ... 15, 2011
Sarah Burton, of Alexander McQueen, may — or may not — have won the commission to design Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but her fellow designer ...
Post Primer: Kate Middleton's royal wedding headgear
Blog-National Post (blog)-Mar. 18, 2011
Story image for royal wedding from Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor

Royal Wedding explainer: Schedule of events

CNN-Feb. 15, 2011
(CNN) -- Can't wait for the royal wedding? Here's your essential guide to Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day. The couple may be keeping many details ...
Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding: Do ...
In-Depth-Christian Science Monitor-Feb. 16, 2011
Royal wedding: Rise of the wedding planner
In-Depth-BBC News-Feb. 16, 2011

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