Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

The 99p wedding dress: Bride with an eye for a bargain snaps ...

Daily Mail-Jul. 26, 2009
Most new brides would rather draw a veil over the exorbitant cost of their wedding dress. But thrifty Suzanne Daniel doesn't mind who knows how much she paid ...
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Mark Wahlberg Gets Married!

People Magazine-Aug. 1, 2009
Wahlberg donned a dark suit and the bride wore a white strapless Marchesa dress with silver embroidery and a Neil Lane diamond-and-platinum cushion-cut ...

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Little Bo Peep bride marries in stunning dress made of wool ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 7, 2009
Mrs Fairburn added: 'I wanted this dress to look like any other wedding dress and for people not to realise it was wool until they got close and that's what we ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Handbags at dawn: Shoppers jostle for bargains in £1billion ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 26, 2009
According to shoppers at Gucci, where £500 handbags, shoes and other goods were being sold at half price, a police van and four patrol cars raced to the scene ...

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