Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Swedes ponder younger princess' wedding style

The 31, 2013
With the Swedish princess' wedding just a week away, Swedish royal observers are wondering if Madeleine will carry on Bernadotte family tradition and wear ...
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Royal wedding guest jailed for a week in Barbados after gun ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 2, 2013
High-society interior designer James Archibald – who was a guest at the Royal Wedding – was held when his bag set off metal-detectors in Barbados. He had ...
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Prince Philip is back in charge at Balmoral and king of the ... 24, 2013
The 92-year-old Duke of Edinburgh cooked a barbecue for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his family and other guests at the Royal Family's Highland ...
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We're Crowning Kate Middleton as the Glamour Style Icon of ...

Glamour-Dec. 16, 2013
Yes, even though she has many real crowns. So here we go! Here's Kate—pre-royal-engagement and post-trial-breakup—in 2009 at a fancy friend's wedding (to ...

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