Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Spring/Summer 2020 Jewelry Trends To Wear Now

Forbes-Oct. 22, 2019
In addition to these trends: juxtaposing color, ultra-large link chains, a bohemian take on antique and vintage jewelry, hoops in every incarnation, modernized ...
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Charlotte's of Santa Ynez is a vintage jewelry delight

santaynezvalleystar.com-Mar. 19, 2019
Charlotte Becerra is the owner of Charlotte's of Santa Ynez, a 500-square-foot “jewelry box” in Santa Ynez that specializes in vintage and new silver and ...
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Rebecca Selva of Fred Leighton Breathes New Life Into ...

Forbes-Jul. 28, 2019
Creating a relevant, current vibe around antique and vintage jewelry is not always easy. There are times when even the rarest, most beautiful pieces look like ...
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From Dior to Monet, a jeweler offers her vintage treasures to ...

Philippine Star-Apr. 6, 2019
If a jewelry designer collected vintage jewels for 18 years from all over the world, what sort of treasures would she have? And could we possibly get a piece of it?

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