Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Speculation goes into frenzy that they'll be a Royal Wedding in ... 8, 2017
The actress has given us hope that another royal wedding is on the cards as she was seen trying on wedding dresses at a boutique in her native Canada this ...
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Royal wedding: Amarinder's grandson marries Karan Singh's ...

Hindustan Times-Mar. 4, 2017
The who's who of erstwhile royal families from across the country converged at Kashmir House in Lutyen's Delhi to attend the wedding of the grandson of Punjab ...
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How The Royal Family's Policy On Divorce Has Changed

Refinery29-Nov. 28, 2017
This union is a huge step in a more modern direction for the royal family, who, come the spring 2018 wedding, will welcome its first Black member. She's also a) ...
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Five Palaces Fit for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Observer-Apr. 24, 2017
With royal wedding rumors running rampant and Pippa Middleton's big day coming up, let's look at very regal palaces where any mere mortal can get married.

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