Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Hollywood Reporter

Sparkle Plenty: The Oscars Had No Shortage of High-Wattage ...

Hollywood Reporter-Mar. 5, 2018
From Helen Mirren's sapphires to Greta Gerwig's (important) vintage necklace, jewelry didn't miss a chance to shine on Oscar night.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Glamour

The Case for Clip-on Earrings, Inspired by My Mom's Gaudy ...

Glamour-Aug. 30, 2018
She still has most of her clothing and accessories from the eighties and nineties—bags, shoes, jewelry, even stockings. The woman could open a damn vintage ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from Washington Post

Start in the basement, and other tips for scoring treasures at ...

Washington Post-Jul. 31, 2018
So could all the other treasure hunters at the estate sale, mashed together shoulder ... Before I could get the attention of the woman in charge of the jewelry case, ...

Q&A with Brooklyn Bijou Designer, Britt Bolton

Flaunt Magazine-Nov. 29, 2018
Britt Bolton is Brooklyn's autodidact jewelry designer cultivating a mesmerizing ... I was always inspired by vintage jewelry as well; I was always collecting it and ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from Times Square Chronicles (press release)

The Unspoken Rules For Buying Jewelry Online

Times Square Chronicles (press release)-Nov. 30, 2018
You can go and make a bid for an auction vintage jewelry you long been waiting for, but set a ceiling price. You might be surprised to win your favorite vintage ...

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significantly linked in one organic whole the different plans of depth" (There
F. Schmitt traces the link of certain artistic discoveries of the
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the effects of constant environment leads to the formation of stable range
social and artistic needs of each nation occurs
a favorite set of contents and scenes. It can persist even when
the disappearance of this group. F. Schmidt gives an example when
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