Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Something old beats something new: Classic wedding ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 27, 2011
Wedding list customers were asked what their favourite celebrity wedding dresses were, and brides-to-be opted overwhelmingly for Fifties-style dresses.
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Preparing to wed? Curtis Stone takes pregnant girlfriend ...

Daily Mail-Jul. 6, 2011
Curtis Stone takes pregnant girlfriend Lindsay Price shopping at a bridal ... A high-end jewellery store, one of Giantto's specialities is bridal jewellery design.
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Is this the world's worst Kate Middleton tribute? Chunky action ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 8, 2011
The Pippa doll - priced at £30 - is dressed in a tight-fitting recreation of the £20,000 slinky white cowl-neck Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress worn by the ...

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